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Understanding the Bed Bug Life Cycle. The bed bug life cycle is extremely important in understanding the potential severity of a bed bug infestation. Identifying the stage of life that the bed bugs in your home are in is crucial to solving your bed bug problem. From the evidence left behind by the bed bugs, the exterminator professionals at Hi-Tech Pest Control can determine the age of the bed bugs, probable cause of the bed bug problem, and the rate at which the bedbugs are spreading so that we can effectively solve your pesky bed bug problem once and for all. Our experienced bed bug exterminators have over 30 years of experience exterminating bed bug problems and are extremely knowledgeable about the bed bug life cycle and the related biology that can help get rid of bed bugs in your home.


We are so confident in our approach to eliminating bed bugs that we are the only Michigan bed bug company to offer a 6-month warranty on all bed bug extermination services!


Early Identification of Bed Bugs

Early identification is key to minimizing the damage bed bugs can cause to your home and your family. One of the main reasons that bed bugs are such an issue in Southeastern Michigan is because of a lack of education about bed bugs and the bed bug life cycle. By knowing the biology of bed bugs, you will not only possess a better understanding of the bugs but also a greater awareness of how to efficiently destroy these insects.

Helps solve the problem early on

Recognize the bed bug problem before it spreads


Gives you a better idea of how the bed bugs got into your house and when

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed Bug Anatomy, the anatomy of a bed bug is much like any other bug, with a beak with three segments, a four part antenna, and wings that are not used for flying. Bed bugs are typically reddish-brown in color when unfed and more brownish when fed and tend to be more oval-shaped.


Are reddish brown when unfed; brownish when fed


Appear to be oval-shaped


Have a beak with three segments, a four part antenna, and wings that are not used for flying

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Bed Bug Life Cycle

The bed bug life cycle is much like any other creature. The bed bug starts as an egg and eventually becomes an adult after so many blood meals. The earlier in the life cycle you catch the bugs, the better chance you have of it being a minor infestation.

Bed Bug Molting Pattern

Upon usual feedings, young nymphs will experience five molting stages, in which they will drop its exoskeleton, ahead of sensing maturity. This exoskeleton can provide you with a definite clue that you have bed bugs in your home.

Bed Bugs Reaching Adulthood

Prior to a nymph becoming capable of molting, it has to feed a minimum of one time before every development phase. If your bed bugs have reached adulthood, that means they have had at least five blood meals.

Bed Bug Life Span

Unfortunately, nymphs are able to be alive for quite a few months without a blood meal. Furthermore, adult bed bugs are able to survive equally to one year with no blood meal. This means that even if you brought bed bugs home from vacation a year ago, they can still be alive in your suitcase!

Baby Bed Bugs

SIZE: A smaller size compared to adult bed bugs. Younger bed bugs naturally are 1.6 mm long.
APPEARANCE: Transparent/colorless appearance compared to its adult form. However, if younger bed bugs feed on blood, their color will transform into a reddish hue.
SHELLS: As nymphs develop in their adult shape, they discard their external shells. Due to this, bed bug invasion victims will be expected to discover vacant shells right through the high-traffic areas of their home, such as living rooms and bedrooms.
COLOR: Baby bed bugs are lighter in color than adult bed bugs.

Adult Bed Bugs

SHAPE: When bugs do not get their blood meal, their cadaver becomes flat and holds the oval shape. The bed bugs will hold a brownish color and will appear longer in size than they are broad.
COLOR: When fed blood, the adult bed bugs’ color will change to red from brown.
APPEARANCE: The exterior of a legitimate bed bug is simply recognized as it has three separate “sections,” that consist of tiny hairs, inoperative wings and four-part antenna.
ODOR: The adult bed bug is the insect that usually have a definite odor that is frequently illustrated as stuffy-Swedish stink, which is because of a chemical discharged from its glands. Such glands are found on the interior parts of its body.

We have been helping clients eliminate bed bugs throughout Michigan for over 30 years! Want to see what bed bugs look like? Check out our gallery.

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