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Hi-Tech Pest Control specializes in pest management service Jobs that could not be solved by casual customers or other companies. WE BRING MICHIGAN RESIDENTS THE MOST RELIABLE PEST CONTROL SERVICE IN MICHIGAN BY INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY WITH ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBLITY.

Hi-Tech Pest control employs only the best personnel in the industry to provide personalized pest control programs for Homes, Schools, Businesses, and Agriculture. Our specialities include Pest Control, Rodent & Insect control, Intergrated Pest Management, Spider control, Ant & Termite control, Extermination and Food safety.

Effective pest control and Bed Bugs Exterminator requires knowledge about both the pest and its habits. The first step in professional pest control is:

  1.  Identify the pest correctly,
  2.  You must learn about the pest’s lifestyle and habits,
  3. Create and implemet a strategic pest management solution.

Your Effective, Friendly Pest Control Service

We top the list for Exterminator in Detroit for Quality and effectiveness, If you hire a Bed Bug Exterminator, you will find that Hi-Tech Pest Control’s friendly talented technicians  will solve your pest problems the way you want them solved at affordable Exterminator Prices.

Servicing Southeastern Michigan

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests:

  • Repair leaking faucets, water pipes, & a/c units
  • Eliminate moisture problems
  • Divert water from foundation
  • Keep gutters & down-spouts clean
  • Remove excessive plant cover & wood mulch
  • Get rid of standing water on roof
  • keep all vents clear & open
  • Seal entry points around water & utility lines or pipes
  • “We had bed bug infestation, there were all over the house, and we had bed bug bites all over us. We needed an answer and we found Hi-Tech after further research I looked them up on the Better Business Bureau, they had a high rating. We gave them  call and they came out and even saved our furniture! Best pest control company I’ve used.”

    Richard G. – Bloomfield Hills, MI
  • “I am so grateful for Hi-tech! No matter what issue I have had in my home over the last 4 years, they have been there to help me. Fast. Immediate service unlike anything I’ve experienced with pest control. He explains everything to me in a way that is understandable and never tries to sell me anything I don’t need. I’ve had a yellow jacket emergency in my basement; multiple carpenter ant infestations when I remodel and most recently a mice issue in my garage. Each time, Hi-tech has been responsive and always always handles the issue quickly.  I’m happy to say that I can trust him with all of my pest control needs. “

    Donna D. – Ann Arbor, MI
  • “Hi-Tech Pest control is the best company we ever dealt with,  they did exactly what we wanted. No false promises with these guys, we got instant results!”

    Kim – Shelby Twp., MI
  • “I’ve tried other pest control companies before and they came to try to assist me with my problems but they had to come back several times and the problem was still there. I called Hi-Tech pest control and they got it right the first time! Thank you!”

    Donnie W. – Detroit, MI